Artist in Residence

Work for this gallery was created in the space where my two life passions, being in the outdoors and creating art, intersect. Immersion in wilderness provides me with spiritual solace and respite from the stress of modern life. Solitude in relaxed open spaces like the wilderness provide artists with an antidote to the fatiguing state of creative concentration and provide creative balance, a key component to creative productivity. An additional benefit for me is the ability to carry the conservation message to the general public with the resulting artwork, exhibitions and presentations that follow artist in residence immersion experiences.

To date, I have had the privilege of participating in these Artist in Residence appointments:

  • Petrified Forest National Park, 2016
  • Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area, 2016
  • Poinsett State Park, 2015
  • Leavenworth Federal Fish Hatchery, 2015
  • Agate Fossil Beds, 2014
  • Homestead National Monument of America, 2014
  • Mesa Verde National Park, 2013
  • Givhans Ferry State Park, 2012
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