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A Bird in the Hand or Show Me the Money

Design Wall with New Project I have been really busy lately. This is the “Year of Taking Myself Seriously as an Artist,” so I have been putting in a lot of studio time working on my new series. I have also been working hard on my Visioning Project goal, the development of marketing tools such […]

Siren’s Call

I have to admit that Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the organic smell in the air, the return of birdsong and the lush abundance of nature’s color as she awakes from a long winter’s sleep. But… it sure does make it hard to stay in the studio to work. […]

Wild, Wonderful…Wales!

Pembrokeshire, Wales There are those seminal events in life that you never forget, like where you were on 9/11, or what were you doing the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Two such events are forever linked in my mind: Neil Armstrong’s 1969 moon walk and they day my best friend Anne walked into my life. […]

The Artist’s Way

The author of The Artist’s Way recommends two techniques to aid artists in their creative process: writing three longhand journal pages first thing every morning and going on “artist’s dates.” Well, I’ll admit right now, I am not a morning person and never have been. As a therapist, I can attest to the power of […]

Italian Inspiration Part 3

Toscana II – Siena – Church of San Domenico Piazza del Duomo – Siena As luck would have it, we arrive in Siena (yes, the paint color, Burnt Siena originated in the earth surrounding the city) just before the latest James Bond movie was due to be filmed in the city. There was scaffolding everywhere […]

Italian Inspiration – Part 2

Toscana III San Gimignano Pisa, the Leaning Tower and The Field of Miracles Following an absolutely stunning two days in Florence, our English tour guide, Elaine dutifully herded us onto our tour bus and we left for Pisa with dire warnings about gypsies, tramps and thieves. I had on my money belt (which caused me […]

Italian Inspiration

Toscana Where do artists find the inspiration for their work? For me, the answer is often in my travels. Journey is one of the recurring themes of my art. Almost two years ago I had the extreme good fortune to spend two weeks in Tuscany and Rome. My best friend Anne and I travel together […]

The Artist As Art

As artists we are always scanning the environment, analyzing what we see for compostion, perspective, hue, value, texture. We use our critical eye to help us translate our world into art. But what happens when that critical eye is turned on us? Last year I decided to focus on taking my self seriously as an […]

Cats in the Studio

I admit it, I’m a cat person. Dogs are nice. I’ve had big outdoor farm dogs that were just lovely, but cats just fit my personality. They don’t jump all over you and slobber. You don’t have to take them for walks and you can go on vacation once in a while and they don’t […]

Winter in Ohio…Brrrr……

A drive in the wintry countryside in Fairfield County, Ohio A walk in the snow… Mt. Pleasant in Lancaster, Ohio At last, time to settle in to an afternoon in the studio. Here in Ohio it his has been one of the coldest, snowiest winters in memory (mine anyway). The weatherman finally verified that February […]