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Mesa Verde – These Boots

These boots have carried me a long way from home and have been a godsend here in Colorado. My Merrells and Thurlo hiking socks have taken me up ladders and ledges, up cliffs and down canyons. Through Cliff Palace, Balcony House, Oak Tree House and many others. I was very thankful for them today when […]

Creative Statements: Ohio Art Quilts 2012 Calendar

Creative Statements: Ohio Art Quilts 2012 April 21 – July 6   Associated Events and Workshops   Sat., April 21, Exhibition Opening with Juror’s Talk 1:30-2:15 pm; Reception 2 – 4 pm Juror Kathleen Loomis, was the winner of the Quilt National Japan Prize in 2009. She was the founder and juror of “Form Not […]

Quilted Nudes Not Quilting in the Nude

Being an artist, I periodically get asked what I am working on. Well, over the past year I have been doing a lot of figurative work which is really lighting my fire, and recently I have embarked on a series of nudes. While I get a lot of positive remarks like ” that is so […]

Adventures of a Textile Artist Abroad

Caricature of a Textile Artist at a Wedding * No, I haven’t been abducted by space aliens or been lost at sea, but I have been too darn busy to write for quite some time. I spent much of the winter quilting and preparing for several solo exhibitions scheduled this year, getting ready for my […]

The Adventurous Life of an Art Quilter???

Unless you are a quilter, you may be asking yourself how a person can actually use the words “quilt” and “adventure” in the same sentence? Yes, quilters bear the burden of being stereotyped as little old ladies who sit home alone with their sewing and their cats. But things have changed in the last century […]

Coffee with Kathy

Homeplace II: Cattle Barn, Lancaster, Ohio 2010 This has been a very productive year for me. I have clocked in a record number of studio hours, and after finishing my Quilt National 2011 entry in August, I was just plain pooped. Time for drastic measures. I instituted a self-proclaimed sabbatical from quilting for the entire […]

C’mon Baby, Let’s Do the Mashed Potato

Poatato Dextrin Sample #1 – White cotton – purple liquid Rit dye Anyone remember the dear departed George Carlin and his great humor? I love his shtick about Americans’ need to accumulate stuff, or as George would say, sh*t. No doubt about it. I’m a material girl that loves her sh*t. The only thing better […]